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Reading Strategies

Information taken from Donuts for Dad & Muffins for Mom Flier

Research based Reading Strategies

1.  Connect to the Text
       Good readers connect what they know to what they are reading
           * This reminds me of...
           * Has this ever happened to me?
           * Have I ever felt this way?
2.  Ask Questions
   Good readers ask themselves questions when they read.
           * What is the author saying?
           * Why is this happening?
           * Why did this character...?
           * Is this important?
           * How does this connect to what I have already read?
3.  Expand Vocabulary
   Good readers know and can explain the meaning on many words.
           * Match words with synonyms-words that mean the same thing.
           * Match words with antonyms-words that mean the opposite.
           * Use new words in other contexts
           * Talk about the meaning of words even when you are not reading.
4.  Predict and Prove
   Good readers think about what is going to happen next based on what they know and have         already read.
           * What do I think this story will be about?
           * What do I think will happen next?
           * Since _______ happened, now I think _____ will happen.
5.  Reread
   Good readers read things again and again.
           * Reread pages and books until they make sense
           * Rereading also builds fluency, speed, and confidence.

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