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Integrated Math

By Seitz, Jeanne

July 22, 2014

Dear Community of West Central School District:

We are writing to inform you of the changes taking place during the 2014-2015 school year.  The math department of WCSD will be implementing a change from the traditional pathway of Algebra 1 to the integrated pathway of Math A. 

The material currently being taught will not change and will still be aligned to the Illinois State Standards.  What is changing is the order in which the material is being presented and the name of the class.

We believe this change will benefit every student’s success in their future endeavors. The members of the middle and high school math departments will be happy to answer questions or concerns during registration in the fall, locker night at the respective schools or through school email.

High School                                                        Middle School

Christina Helding                                               Jenny Halcomb

Jeanne Seitz                                                     Jeremy Hennings

Megan Smith


Integrated Math FAQ’S

1)  What is integrated math?

            Integrated math is the combination of Algebra 1, Geometry and

           Statistics into one class.  These concepts will not be separate entities

           but will be combined in a way that will show how all math topics relate

           to one another.

2)  Are other schools in our area taking the integrated pathway?

            Yes, we have spoken to math teacher from Mercer County who

            implemented the Integrated approach last year.  Also, Rock Island /

            Milan, Fulton, and Williamsfield are also taking the integrated


3)  Where do textbooks stand in integrated math?

            We will rely heavily on notes / notes packets provided by the teachers

           but textbooks will be available for students to check out at their


4)  Will upper level math classes still be offered?

           Yes, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics, and Math

           Competency will still be offered.

5)  Will my child be college ready?

            Yes, students will still be learning the same materials just presented

           in a different order.  Also, integrated math offers students the

           opportunity to understand how all math topics are related to each

           other thus resulting in a deeper understanding of the topics /   


6)  What is the plan for implementation of integrated math?

            2014-2015                 Algebra 1 becomes Math A

            2015-2016                  Geometry becomes Math B

            2016-2017                 Algebra 2 becomes Math C




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