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Thinking Like A Scientist!

Fourth grade has been learning to think like scientists!  During the first quarter, we will be learning all about the Scientific Method, and later this quarter we will also be studying engineering.  To practice the hypothesis portion ("I think that...") of the Scientific Method, Mrs. Wolf's class did some experiments using big bowls of water, different kinds of pop, and bottled water.  The students had all sorts of questions.  For example, "Does all pop float?"  "Will pop with sugar sink?"  "Will diet pop float?"  "Will the opposite happen?  Will the sugared pop float and the diet pop sink?"  "Will the bottled water float?"  The most important question of all... "WHY?" 

Through their excitement, they discovered that bottled water does indeed float.  These students are true scientists as they next wondered what they could do to the bottle of water to make it sink.  We won't tell you the results, but a lot of questioning, hypothesizing, and discovery is happening in 4th grade.  (They did discover why the results happened a certain way.)  Remember, the important thing is to never stop questioning!  Joke:  Why did the young scientist bring art supplies to science class?  She wanted to draw conclusions! 

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